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ELEGIANT Wireless Weather Station Thermometer Hygrometer Indoor Outdoor LED Touchscreen …

ELEGIANT wireless weather station thermometer hygrometer indoor outdoor with LED touchscreen touchscreen, digital clock temperature humidity monitor support 3 transmitter channels black

  • ☀ 【Multifunctional weather station】 This weather station can display 24 hours, date and time (12/24 hours) indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, weather forecast, temperature trends, historical highs and lows. The weather forecast shows the following weather symbols: sunny, slightly cloudy, very cloudy, rain, frost (below 0 ° C).
  • ☀ 【3 applicable outdoor sensors】 The weather station can support up to 3 wireless remote sensors for the outdoor area at the same time (range up to 60 m), which record outdoor data and transmit them to the weather station. With the “CH” key, external values ​​can be changed in 3 channels. This allows you to control the temperature and humidity in your house, garden or garage.
  • ☀ 【LCD touchscreen】 With the LCD touchscreen, the digital thermometer-hygrometer ELEGANT home outdoor shows all information and functions well. The backlight can be turned on by pressing the backlight button. The white night light makes it easy to see the contents of the screen from all sides, even in the dark.
  • ☀ Gr Hygrometer & Thermometer】 Weather station can deliver high quality weather stations, so we use the best materials. We will constantly check that every product is smooth and clean. Run several tests to ensure the accuracy of the product.
  • ☀ 【Easy to use and best guarantee】 This weather station is powered by AAA batteries. The weather station can be connected to a power pack. The indoor unit has a hole that can be hung on the wall and the bracket can be installed on a table. In addition, the outside temperature sensor can be placed on a table or mounted on a wall. ELEGIANT offers warranty and post-warranty service – professional sales. If you have any questions about the weather station, you can contact us.

Wireless weather station Digital color weather clock with outside sensor Thermometer …

Wireless weather station color digital weather clock with outdoor sensor indoor outdoor thermometer with date temperature humidity barometer alarm clock moon phase weather clock

  • ✅ WEATHER MONITORING: Our wireless weather station has a large color LCD display, with which data can be easily read from different angles even in the dark. Temperature and humidity, air pressure; Moon phase; Time and date.
  • ✅ ROOM AND LIGHT FUNCTION: The digital thermometer-hygrometer can also be used with snooze alarm. The alarm will ring again after approx. 5 minutes. / dim / off. Battery operated: lights up for 15 seconds)
  • INDOOR AND OUTDOOR THERMOMETER :: The weather station is equipped with a wireless outdoor remote control sensor (range up to 60 m) that collects data from the road and transmits it to the weather station. And there are seven colored weather forecast icons (sunny, cloudy, cloudy sky, light rain, heavy rain, light snow, heavy snow), the weather forecast reporter.
  • ✅ WEATHER AND BAROMETRIC FORECAST: The weather station can accurately display the indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity and calculate the weather forecast for the next 8 hours based on the air pressure trend. Get better acquainted with the future weather, take care of you and your family, especially when you are ready to go outside.
  • ✅ POWER SUPPLY: The weather station has an integrated USB charging port. You can charge them with a charger or other device. It is also powered by 2 AA batteries (not included). When you are out and about, you can prepare the battery for charging. Don’t worry, it’s off.

Oacvien Hygrometer Thermometer Wireless indoor and outdoor weather station with outdoor sensor …

Oacvien Thermometer Hygrometer Wireless weather station with outside sensor inside Large LCD digital display Alarm function Max / Min memory humidity and temperature monitoring

  • Wireless indoor / outdoor sensor – The thermo-hygrometer is equipped with indoor / outdoor sensors. Indoor / outdoor sensors inform you about indoor / outdoor temperature and humidity. With wireless sensors, you can travel a distance of up to 100 meters without any obstacles.
  • Alarm function – The digital thermometer-hygrometer supports the alarm function. You can set the upper and lower limit values ​​for temperature and humidity separately. When the temperature or humidity reaches the upper and lower limits, an alarm is given and an alarm indicator is displayed.
  • Large LCD touchscreen – The large display (3.7 x 2.12 inches) provides a clear indication of the temperature and humidity indoors and outdoors. This can help adjust the humidifier, dehumidifier, and humidity settings, or the refrigerator temperature, to keep the food fresh.
  • Recording the maximum and minimum values ​​- In addition to displaying the current temperature and humidity, the digital thermometer also records the maximum and minimum temperatures as well as the maximum and minimum humidity values ​​for the last 24 hours. Indoor temperature range: -50 ° C ~ 70 ° C (-58 ° F ~ 158 ° F), outdoor temperature range: 0 ~ 50 ° C (0 ~ 58 ° F), humidity range: 20% ~ 99%, accuracy: ± 1% ~ ± 3%
  • Applicable Occasions – Digital thermometers are suitable for the elderly and sensitive people. Children’s rooms, offices, classrooms, refrigerators, temperature and humidity can be monitored at all times. Family conditions can be monitored to avoid colds, dry skin, asthma, allergies, and the elderly.

Inkbird ITH-20R Wireless Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer Hygrometer, Hygrometer Thermometer …

Inkbird ITH-20R Wireless Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer Hygrometer, Digital Hygrometer Thermometer with Sensor, Temperature and Humidity Monitoring, Cigar Humidor, Greenhouse, Reptiles (ITH-20R + 1 transmitter)

  • 【Two separate location data】 The receiver of this wireless hygrometer for indoor and outdoor thermometer displays the temperature and humidity of the place where it is installed, as well as the location data of the transmitter. Receiver internal temperature sensor range: -20 ~ 60 ° C, ± 1 ° C; Humidity measuring range: 10 ~ 95% RH, ± 5% RH.
  • 【Singal Radio 90 m】 Digital hygrometer thermometer with 90 m RF transmitter signal range makes it easier to identify temperature and humidity data from home. Temperature range of the transmitter’s internal sensor: -40 ~ 70 ° C.
  • 【External temperature sensor】 With a measuring range of -50 ~ 125 ° C, the 2 m long external temperature sensor can be used in liquids (except sea water) or in tight spaces. The transmitter’s internal / external sensor data is captured at the same time, the hygrometer-thermometer receiver will display the results one by one or press the CH / R key to check the specific channel data.
  • 【Minimum. And max. Meaning】 The large LCD display with backlit indoor and outdoor thermometers shows the minimum / maximum value for 24 hours or always and the data is updated every 10 seconds.
  • 【Easy to Use】 This indoor-outdoor thermometer with receiver stand and hanging hole can be placed anywhere and is convenient for checking data. Power supply: 2 AAA batteries; 1 year warranty; Contact us via Amazon message for a French notification.

DOQAUS Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Digital Weather Station Wireless Hygrometer Resistant to …

DOQAUS Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Digital Weather Station Wireless Hygrometer Cold-resistant and waterproof temperature and humidity display

  • 【Accurate reading】 The wireless indoor-outdoor thermometer provides accurate readings of temperature and humidity indoors and outdoors. Accuracy: ± 1.1 ° C and ± 2 ~ 3% RH
  • 【Frost and water resistant weather The fully sealed weather thermometer contains a rechargeable lithium battery to control humidity and temperatures down to -35 ° C and lets rain or sunlight through. snow
  • 【Range up to 60 m】 The remote thermometer measures temperature and humidity in percent up to 60 m. Monitors environmental conditions in four locations with 2 additional remote sensors (2 additional sensors need to be purchased).
  • 【Informative】 The backlit touchscreen display shows the current indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, including trend arrows and maximum and minimum records so you can keep up with changing conditions
  • 【2 year guarantee! Register your digital hygrometer after purchase for a 4-year warranty. The wireless outdoor thermometer can be set up in different places – on a flat surface, on a wall or on a metal surface. Selector switch ° C and ° F. Batteries included

MojiDecor indoor and outdoor thermometer, digital wireless thermometer with probe sensors, …

MojiDecor indoor and outdoor thermometer, digital wireless thermometer with probe probes, temperature detector with HD-LCD display, min / max memory, trend, ℃ /, battery operated

  • 【Indoor and outdoor temperature】 – The high-resolution LCD display simultaneously monitors the indoor and outdoor temperature and provides you with accurate real-time temperature data and temperature trends. Indoor temperature: 0-50 ℃ / 32-122 ℉, outdoor temperature: -30-50 ℃ / -22-122 ℉
  • 【More Professional Wireless Sensors Professional – With built-in console and remote control sensors, indoor and outdoor temperature are displayed at the same time. You can place the sensor more flexibly in different environments. It’s more professional and advanced than other products on the market.
  • 【Min / Max, Trend, ℃ / ℉】 – The device shows the temperature as well as the maximum and the minimum so that you can better understand your living conditions. The “Max / Min” button is on the back. It also shows the temperature trend, it is good for your family, children and seniors. Temperature accuracy: ± 1 ° C; You can change the temperature display mode simply by pressing the “° C / ° F” button on the back.
  • 【Battery Operated and Intimate Maintenance】 – The main unit requires 2 AAA batteries (not included). Wireless sensor 2 AAA batteries (not included). We offer a one year guarantee. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. For more information on the indoor and outdoor hygrometer thermometer settings, see the section below.
  • 【Unique Round Design】 – Most of the thermometers on the market are square or rectangular in shape. This unique round design gives you a new experience. Black / white, with sensor, 2 pieces. Your decision. Main unit size: 9.4 x 9.4 x 3.8 cm, wireless sensor: 3.7 x 2 x 10 cm. Lightweight and portable. You can place the main unit on a table or hang it on the wall by hanging the sensor on the wall.

SODIAL LCD digital wireless indoor and outdoor thermometer

SODIAL LCD digital wireless indoor and outdoor thermometer

  • Can display indoor and outdoor temperature.
  • With the function of the wireless transmitter, you can determine the outside temperature with the inside receiver.
  • Indoor temperature range: 0 ~ 60 degrees Celsius; Outside temperature range: -40 ~ 60 degrees Celsius.
  • Very practical, can be used as a large item for your home or office.

ORIA 【New in 2020】 Digital thermometer and hygrometer with 3 outside air sensors, thermometer …

ORIA 【New for 2020】 Digital thermometer and hygrometer with 3 outside sensors, inside and outside thermometer, background lighting and large LCD, min / max recording, ℃ / ℉ switch

  • ♥ 【Three Channel Wireless Sensor】 – With a built-in console and three remote control sensors, the thermometer can show the indoor temperature and three sets of outdoor temperature and humidity at the same time. You can put it anywhere you want.
  • ♥ 【Maximum / Minimum recording and ° C / ° F switch】 – Press MIN / MAX to display the maximum temperature and humidity. Press again to display the minimum value. Press again to restore the current temperature and humidity. Press the ° C / ° F button to toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • ♥ 【Large LCD and Backlight】 – Large LCD with simple and clear readings. Press the “Light” button to turn on the backlight. If no operation is in progress, it will automatically shut down within 5 seconds.
  • ♥ 【Signal strength and convenient display】 – Wireless transmitters offer reliable signal paths. 100 million host and transmitter signals can be received free of charge. The comfort symbol indicates the air conditioning system – wet / adapted / dry.
  • ♥ 【Various installation options】 – Easy to install. The owner can stop and stand. The thermometer requires 3 AAA batteries and 2 AAA batteries for each transmitter (not included). We offer a one year guarantee. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. For more information on the parameters, see the description section and manual below (manual is only in English, not French).

Digital hygrometer ThermoPro TP60S indoor-outdoor thermometer, humidity monitoring with …

ThermoPro TP60S digital hygrometer indoor-outdoor thermometer humidity monitor with wireless temperature display Reptile and amphibian thermometer with a range of 60 m

  • 【The ThermoPro wireless room thermometer is your reliable choice.】 Ideal for kids room, house, basement, garage, garden, greenhouse, warehouse, office, school, hospital, sauna, gym, etc. You can easily see the current temperature and humidity from different places from monitor places according to your needs
  • The wireless thermometer and humidity meter measures the outside and inside air temperature as well as the humidity percentage and can display readings from up to 3 external remote sensors (2 sensors can be optionally controlled (ASIN B0711T22R6) to monitor different locations). Temperature display in ° F or ° C.
  • The amphibious thermometer has a range of 60 m / 200 ft with good penetration of the humidity display signal (433 MHz improved). Designed to be mounted on a table or on the wall. Powered by AAA batteries (included)
  • Distance range 60 m / 200 ft with good signal penetration from the moisture indicator (433 MHz improved). The design can be placed on a table or mounted on a wall. Powered by AAA batteries (included)
  • Indoor and outdoor humidity meter and indicator TP60S allow you to control the correct temperature and humidity, which is important for skin, allergens and other health benefits. It can be placed in a kindergarten, home, incubator, basement, warehouse and greenhouse.

KKmoon 2 in 1 thermometer clock, wireless digital temperature clock, indoor / outdoor …

KKmoon 2-in-1 thermometer clock, wireless digital temperature clock, indoor / outdoor LCD ℃ / ℉ with transmitter (battery not included)

  • Show indoor / outdoor temperature and time at the same time.
  • With the wireless technology, you can determine the outside temperature in the indoor receiver.
  • Make a note of the maximum indoor and outdoor temperature max.
  • Format 12H / 24H, temperature unit ℃ / unit to choose from. Can be placed on a table or hung on the wall.
  • With hand transmitter on the outside temperature sensor and unobstructed gearbox within 100m. Power supply via 2 x 1.5 V AAA batteries (not included).

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