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Chip Tuner Nitro OBD2 Diesel Power, Plug and Drive OBDII, more power, much more …

Chip Tuner Nitro OBD2 Diesel Power, Plug and Drive OBDII, more power, more torque. (Red)

  • ▶ Compatible. —- This NitroOBD2 chip tuner was specially developed for diesel vehicles. You can uncover the hidden power of your car: 35% more power, 25% more torque.
  • ▶ Plug & Drive – NitroOBD2 is a ready-to-use Plug & Drive device to improve engine performance.
  • ▶ Easy to install. – Just plug it into the cars OBD2 port. NitroOBD2 is suitable for all vehicles from 1996.
  • ▶ Works on the basis of OBD2 protocols and rearranges the control unit of the car computer. After crossing 200 km of road, NitroOBD2 adapts to the car according to driving habits and further refines the control unit to improve engine performance.
  • ▶ Other advantages. – NitroOBD2 detects the latent performance of your vehicle. NitroOBD2 does not change any parameters permanently.

Kinter MA180 Ma-180 12V mini car power amplifier USB computer connection …

Kinter MA180 Ma-180 12V Mini Car Power Amplifier Computer USB Port CH Amplifier

  • Kinter MA180 Ma-180 12V Mini Car Power Amplifier Computer USB Port CH Amplifier

DC voltage converter 12 V 5 V / 3 A JZK® with two …

JZK® Car Power Converter DC 12V 5V / 3A converter with two USB adapter plugs for charging your phone, car radio, etc.

  • Waterproof, shockproof and moisture-proof design, very convenient to use in various conditions.
  • Much safer for you with over current / over voltage / short circuit / over temperature protection and auto recovery.
  • Synchronous rectification, low heat generation and easy connection.
  • Widely used for car audio, radio, monitor, intercom, baby car LED display, LCD TV, fan, solar power, photovoltaic module, motor, industrial equipment, etc.
  • A good, affordable handy tool for home or professional use!

ARCELI 150W TPA3116D2 high performance audio mono stereo digital power amplifier …

ARCELI 150W TPA3116D2 Powerful audio mono stereo digital power amplifier DC12-24V for home theater audio audio

  • This amplifier board uses TPA3116D2 chips with short circuit and overheat protection and high efficiency up to 90%
  • Mono stereo power amplifier, no loud noise and no interference current
  • Wide voltage: DC12-24V power supply for dual voltage boost system; maximum output power 150 W.
  • Large capacity 35V 470MF, temperature up to 105, which ensures stable operation, prevents the impact of load changes on the sound quality; The amplifier module uses European connectors and mini circuit boards
  • Large active and DIY audio speakers used in home theater offer you a feast of listening

Car radio amplifier, digital audio power amplifier …

Car audio stereo amplifier, digital audio amplifier 12V 2-channel power amplifier for car

  • Aluminum alloy shell for eliminating all types of electromagnetic interference.
  • When using a high-performance audio amplifier chip, the output power is 20 W + 20 W.
  • Suitable for speakers under 6 inches and an impedance of 4-8 ohms 20W.
  • Two pairs of speaker output terminals, easy to connect.
  • Support for adjusting treble and bass.

Kenwood KACPS702EX 2-channel power amplifier 550W

Kenwood KACPS702EX 2-channel power amplifier 550W

  • Maximum power: 500W.
  • Bridge 170 watts.
  • Nominal power: 70W.
  • Fit: universal.

A set of powerful ventilated LED lamps Kairiyard H1 CREE ZES-3575 11000Lm 6000K Lamellar …

Kairiyard H1 High Power LED Bulb Kit with Ventilated Power CREE ZES-3575 11000Lm 6000K Slat Aluminum Alloy Red Copper Plug-in LED Car Headlights IP68 360 ° Rotation EMC + Smart Driver Without Polarity

  • 【High performance】 These H1 LED kits replace the main Xenon HID kits. These automotive LED kits, designed for use with low or high beam or fog lights, CREE ZES-3575, very high power, 65W, 11000 lumens per pair of lamps; We are proud to present this H1-based Vision LED Kit with proven technology.
  • 【LED power supply module. The power module with the designation LED driver + EMC is a small box and corresponds to a ballast for a xenon kit. This box regulates the voltage for the power supply of the LED chips. Ultra-compact, easily fits in the headlight of a car, practically does not heat up, is not dangerous to plastic or electrical cables; They are a perfect match for Xenon (Original or HID) and are perfect for rendering your gear.
  • 【Product quality】 The H1 LED set mounted on this lamp is the ZES-3575 LED, one of the newest and most powerful LEDs in the CREE family, which guarantees quality and performance. With your eyes closed, climb to the next level. This LED kit allows you to convert your original lighting to LED lighting at the best price. In addition, the light bulb ignites instantly, aluminum alloy and red copper inserts.
  • 【Super cooling system】 A good cooling system is one of the first important points for car LED lights. This piston is cooled by a high speed fan for quick and easy installation. The extremely compact fan is a highly intelligent system with a red copper structure that is inserted into the lamp housing part. This makes this H1 LED kit suitable for 95% of cars.
  • 【Very easy to install】 1: 1 design compared to the original lamp, installation is easy; If the lighthouse is available, you can climb it in just 10 minutes. The kit contains 2 lamps and assembly instructions. It is designed not to change anything in the original connections, so the installation is reversible on the day you want to go back to the original. Snow white. No changes to the original installation are expected.

600 W inverter, Imoli car voltage converter Maximum power 1200 W, two connections …

600W inverter, Imoli car voltage converter 1200W maximum power Dual USB AC ports 1 AC socket with cigarette lighter Modified sine wave transformer 12 VDC to 220 VAC

  • ▶ Premium inverter – The Imoli inverter delivers a continuous output of 600 W DC / AC and a peak output of 1200 W. Ideal charger for laptop, iPad, camera, Kindle, energy-saving lamp, breast pump, nebuliser, TV, DVD player, GPS -Satellite navigation system and other electronic devices.
  • ▶ Fast charging – the AutoCo ACOLI DC-AC converter is equipped with two universal AC sockets and a 5 V USB charging connection for universal charging. The USB port can automatically detect your devices and provide optimal charging speed.
  • ▶ Multiple protection – the built-in fuse offers complete protection against overheating, overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit, overload and overload. The robust housing made of aluminum and magnesium offers improved protection against falls, knocks and bumps.
  • ▶ Improved Light Weight – Ultra compact size with lightweight design for space saving and easy storage. The universal cigarette lighter (with 21.7 ” cord) can be plugged directly into any car DC power outlet to meet all your needs.
  • ▶ Powerful Cooling Effect – Built-in intelligent and quiet fan with 40A fuses for internal temperature control and aluminum-magnesium heat sink, multi-directional heat dissipation, reducing heat and avoiding bottlenecks.

Plug and Drive OBD2 Nitro OBD2 power unit diagnostic tool for diesel vehicles …

Plug and Drive OBD2 Nitro OBD2 Performance Box Diesel diagnostic tool to improve power and torque

  • Nitro OBD2 is a chip rotating block for diesel cars. It offers 35% more power and 25% more torque.
  • Nitro OBD2 is easy to install. Just plug it into the vehicle’s OBD2 connector. After 200 km the connection to the control unit is established and established.
  • This Nitro OBD2 can be used on all BENZINE vehicles after 1996.
  • Nitro OBD2 is 100% safe for your car. Unlike customizing the display, Nitro OBD2 won’t change your car forever. To return to the original vehicle settings, simply disconnect the NitroOBD2 from the OBD2 connector.
  • High quality Nitro OBD2, 2 year guarantee.

Car inverter, 12V DC from 5000W transformer to transformer …

Car inverter, 5000 W high-level transformer DC12V peak-to-AC220V cooling transformer

  • 100% and high quality With digital display, DC input, AC output
  • Built-in protection against short circuit, overload, overheating, low and over voltage. Keep your devices and your vehicle safe. Built-in heating for safe life and use.
  • Smart size, light and compatible, less noise and no pollution
  • Principle: This inverter is used to convert direct current into alternating current.
  • Application: mini electric grinder, mini power tools, mini sewing machines, DVD, VCD, TV, computer, TV, VCR, fan, lighting, etc.

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