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Kärcher WV2 Premium Special Edition window cleaner

Kärcher WV2 Premium Special Edition window cleaner

  • Cordless: The ultra-light and quiet window cleaner has a rechargeable battery that can clean up to 35 windows with a single charge.
  • Powerful: This special edition offers 40% more range than the standard premium model WV 2.
  • Practical: with detachable 100 ml waste water tank for quick emptying without the risk of contamination
  • Versatility: Two squeegees of different widths clean large and small glass surfaces – windows, tiles, tiles, showers, mirrors, glass tables and much more.
  • Scope of delivery: 1 spray gun, 1 squeegee 280 mm, 1 squeegee 170 mm, 1 concentrated glass cleaner 20 ml, 1 microfiber lens, 1 charger, 1 lithium-ion battery.

Kärcher 16332120 WV 2 Plus N windscreen wiper, black, yellow

Kärcher 16332120 WV 2 Plus N windscreen wiper, black, yellow

  • Washing windows is three times less than the traditional method. No traces or drops.
  • Practical with 35 minutes of autonomy and a small squeegee (ideal for lattice windows)
  • Many uses, window coffee tables mirror shower walls
  • Light and easy to use, to perfectly suck up dirty water with the push of a button
  • The wireless connection is always ready to use

Aidodo electric window cleaner, vacuum cleaner, battery window cleaner, universal window cleaner …

Aidodo Electric Window Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner, Cordless Window Cleaner, Multipurpose Glass Cleaner, Streak-Free Portable Vacuum Cleaner, Removable Water Tank

  • ☀ Convenience: With a detachable 200 ml dirty water tank for quick and safe emptying, you can easily clean the tall glass and avoid hazards.
  • ☀ Versatility: It can not only wash windows, but also clean various smooth surfaces like car windows, tiles, mirrors, showers, etc.
  • ☀ Cordless: This compact, lightweight and quiet window cleaner has a rechargeable battery that can clean up to 25 windows on a single charge.
  • ☀ Streak-free: This electric windshield wiper cleans surfaces at an angle of 360 ° and picks up dirty water in its large tank without leaving any traces.
  • ☀ Fixed object: 1 window vacuum cleaner, 1 scraper 280mm, 1 spray bottle, 1 microfiber windshield, 1 charger.

Bosch Wireless Window Washer – GlassVac Edition Set (delivery with accessories and …

Bosch Cordless Window Washer – GlassVac Edition Set (incl.accessories and box)

  • With GlassVAC window cleaner you can clean windows, showers, tiles and mirrors without streaks.
  • Rubberized cover with innovative, patented Bosch wiper technology for easy sliding and quick cleaning
  • Quick and easy squeegee change for many cleaning jobs
  • The light and comfortable shape allows complete cleaning without touching the windowsill.
  • Scope of delivery: GlassVAC, USB charger, atomizer with microfiber cloth, 266 mm squeegee + removable cleaning sponge, 133 mm squeegee + removable cleaning sponge, box

【SUMMER CHOICE】 TACKLIFE electric window cleaner, cordless window vacuum, …

【SUMMER CHOICE】 TACKLIFE electric window cleaner, cordless window vacuum cleaner, 280 mm squeegee, sprayer and cloths, ultra-light, quiet WC1A

  • ♥ 【HIGH EFFICIENCY】 With a 280 mm mop and high suction power, a large area can be cleaned quickly without leaving water drops or streaks behind. This makes tipping easier and more efficient
  • ♥ 【RELIABLE OPERATION】 The window vacuum cleaner can clean an area of ​​approx. 105 cleaning, which corresponds to 35 windows continuously on a full charge without interrupting the charging process.
  • ♥ 【Low Noise NO The special seal design not only prevents dust from entering the machine, it also reduces noise during operation and ensures a comfortable working environment
  • ♥ 【IMPROVED WATER TANK】 The 150ml water tank can hold more dirty water, is easy to remove for cleaning, and there is a warning label on the surface of the tank to remind the user to drain dirty water in a timely manner
  • ♥ 【PACKAGE INCLUDED】 TACKLIFE offers a two-year product guarantee; Package contents: 1 spray can, 1 window washer, 2 microfiber cloths, 1 charger, 1. instruction manual. If you have any problems, please contact us.

Electric window cleaner MVPOWER, cordless vacuum cleaner with 200 ml spray, handle …

Electric window cleaner MVPOWER, cordless vacuum cleaner 200 ml, telescopic handle 44-75 cm, charger, 4 microfiber cloths, for windows, windows and cars

  • Excellent performance: it can work wirelessly for 30 minutes, which is enough to clean a window space of over 120 m². The suction nozzle is 280 mm wide and makes window cleaning easier. Vacuum design: The wastewater is completely sucked into the water tank and no longer falls off, which enables cleaning without leaving any residue on the surface.
  • Versatility: This not only cleans windows, but also smooth surfaces. It has two functions: spraying and cleaning, which allow you to easily remove stains from tiles, shower mirrors, car windows, etc.
  • Humanized design: With the adjustable telescopic handle from 44 to 75 cm, you can clean the surface in high or narrow areas more flexibly and easily. Large capacity of 200 ml, no frequent adding of water, which saves time for daily cleaning.
  • Pay attention to the details: the LED indicator flashes red when the device is off and blue when it is fully charged. The mop head and removable microfiber cushions can be removed for easy, personal cleaning. During operation, the vacuum cleaner works silently without affecting rest and work.
  • Quality assurance: Our MVPOWER brand deserves your trust. Buy now comes with a 2 year warranty. If you have any problems with the product, please contact us by email. We will give you a satisfactory offer.

AMIBOT Glass XLine AGX50 – robot for cleaning windows

AMIBOT Glass XLine AGX50 – robot for cleaning windows

  • XLine technology: multi-surface wash
  • Effective cleaning Activ Clean
  • Xtrem Power: powerful grip
  • Security system “Security Use”

Robot window cleaner Cecotec WinDroid 870 Connected. Intelligent navigation, app control, …

Robot window cleaner Cecotec WinDroid 870 Connected. Intelligent navigation, APP control, triple security system, 4 cleaning programs

  • Intelligent window cleaning robot with application: washing and drying. iTech Win 4.0: Intelligent navigation, calculates the best route, defines window boundaries and completely washes surfaces.
  • ExtraPower Suction: A powerful suction pump that presses the robot against the window. Includes a remote control for manual control of the robot.
  • Washes all types of surfaces: windows, smooth surfaces, interior windows, exterior windows. 4 automatic cleaning programs for cleaning windows.
  • The robot has 3 safety systems: Prevents falls thanks to the triple safety system with constant and stable power supply, control against falls
  • AutoStop system: stops automatically when you are done. Environmentally friendly: Reusable high-performance microfiber brushes.

Cleaning set for telescopic squeegee 3-in-1 (265 cm), telescopic extension …

Telescopic squeegee set for 3-in-1 windows (265 cm), telescopic extension for cleaning windows, for cleaning high windows indoors or outdoors

  • ✅ 【All-in-One】 Made of high quality ABS plastic for 100% safety, comfort and durability. Precision edged silicone blades can protect your window used in various environments without streaking. Professional microfiber cloth without chemicals attracts all window dust and cleans the window quickly and easily.
  • ✅ 【SAVE TIME】 Simplify window cleaning, save time. The wide squeegee quickly covers a large area, the microfiber pad absorbs water immediately! Assemble the microfiber washing machine and squeegee, mop and soak water at the same time, mop and dry at the same time! Complete your cleaning work quickly and without errors! Dry streak-free!
  • ✅ 【MULTIFUNCTIONALITY】 1. Squeegee with removable spray, cleans the window while spraying water, cleans without a bucket. INCREASE YOUR EFFICIENCY! 2. The 180 ° adjustable cleaning pad automatically adjusts to any angle so you can get your work done. The improved window squeegee is 265 cm long so you can reach the upper window!
  • ✅ 【EASY TO CLEAN AND STORAGE】 The professional microfiber pillow can be washed over and over again. We will also prepare an extra pillow for you! The extension rod can be divided into 6 sections (total length: 265 cm). It takes up little space to store or hang up.
  • ✅ 【KEEP SAFETY】 The extension allows you to safely reach the tall window without using stools or ladders. The squeegee is ideal for cleaning windows, windows, showers, cars and mirrors. Just wipe them off. When you order from us today, you are protected by our first class customer service. Just contact our customer service team and we’ll take care of you!

Kärcher window cleaner concentrate (500 ml) window cleaner

Kärcher window cleaner concentrate (500 ml) cleaning agent for window cleaning

  • Concentrated water-repellent glass cleaner against fingerprints
  • Glass cleaner 500 ml. The 3-in-1 formula effectively cleans glass surfaces, prevents stains and ensures a water-repellent effect for even better results!
  • Cleans glass surfaces even more effectively
  • Made in France

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