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Earplugs hearing protection natural wax, 12 pairs

Earplugs hearing protection natural wax, 12 pairs

  • The legendary earplugs are wax-based earplugs that effectively protect you from noise and at the same time significantly reduce ambient noise.
  • These wax earplugs are especially useful when you want to protect yourself against ambient noise (speaking, snoring, deafening sounds, etc.).
  • Earplugs are a real “noise barrier” and reduce the noise around you by around 27 dB. Your natural wax is easy to shape and allows you to perfectly adapt to the ear canal regardless of its shape.
  • Mixture of mineral waxes and natural cotton (100% cotton bleached without chlorine)

Sleep earplugs, 2 pairs of earplugs with quiet noise suppression for …

Sleep earplugs 2 pairs of earplugs with quiet noise suppression for small ear canals. Hearing protection earplugs for sleep-snore travel concerts

  • [SOMMEIL DE QUALITÉ]Developed for small ear canals and earplugs made of skin-friendly material. They fit your ear and effectively block up to 32 decibels of noise. Earplugs have the same sound absorption properties as large earplugs, but they are not harmful. Easy to insert and won’t fall out overnight.
  • [AJUSTEMENT PARFAIT, CONFORTABLE] 2-layer flange Ergonomically designed, they are ideal for those who sleep on their side or for people who snuggle up to their ears at night without pushing too far or causing pain. Soft and comfortable earplugs, even for long periods of time.
  • [FILTRE D’ATTÉNUATION & PLUSIEURS OCCASIONS] Both pairs of earbuds have filters. Removes most of the noise for a quiet environment. Developed for maximum comfort and optimal noise reduction, you can sleep in peace and comfort, enjoy concerts, work and much more.
  • [ÉTUI DE TRANSPORT INCLUS] Comes with TWO pairs of earbuds, a small compact carrying case and an aluminum case to hold them together and keep them clean. The robust aluminum housing ensures that they are not lost.
  • [LAVABLE & RÉUTILISABLE] Earplugs are reusable so you can save money and reduce waste. Wash them regularly with hot soapy water and you can use them for a long time.

Earplugs for sleeping, the latest earplugs for hearing protection, 4 …

Sleeping earplugs, the latest flockable earplugs for hearing protection, 4-piece. Reusable silicone noise-canceling earplugs for snoring, studying, swimming, working

  • √ Latest flocking process: SHENMATE sleeping earplugs use the latest flocking process, use high quality, hypoallergenic, soft BPA-free silicone, good breathability and safe, soft and comfortable material. , They do not cause itching or bruising pain in the ear canal.
  • √ Ergonomic design: Christmas tree shape, 3D bionic design is ergonomically shaped, the earbuds can gently cover your ears and fit comfortably in your ear with no sharp edges, so you can wear them all day without pain or discomfort. Sleep earplugs are especially useful for those who sleep on their side so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep without pressure pain.
  • √ Perfectly reduces high decibel noise: soundproofing [SNR 27 dB]… These silicone earplugs effectively suppress noise and ensure a good night’s sleep. Protect your hearing from harmful noise and high harmful decibels with these versatile earplugs. Ideal for snoring, studying and anywhere you need to rest.
  • √ Hygienic and easy to wear earplugs: The robust plastic housing hygienically protects the noise-suppressing earplugs from dust and moisture, so that reusable earplugs stay clean everywhere, at home or on the go. Washable and reusable, wash regularly with hot soapy water, make it more durable.
  • √ 100% Guaranteed: Buy the SHENMATE Sleeping Earplugs Package. It contains 4 pairs of earplugs with plastic box, available in two different colors, blue and pink, to meet your needs and to share with family and friends. We want you to enjoy our comfortable sleeping balls. However, if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase please contact us and we will resolve it within 24 hours.

HALOVIE 20 pairs of sleeping spark plug ear plugs Soft hearing protection with SNR …

HALOVIE 20 pairs of ear plugs for sleeping spark plugs Soft hearing protection with noise-suppressing SNR 34 dB plugs for studies on travel, concerts, fitness and sport

  • Hygiene. The surface is smooth, thanks to its antifouling treatment, its softness and good sound insulation, it is an excellent companion for life. The earplugs are reusable.
  • Suppression of noise. Can be used as noise canceling sleeping forks, travel forks, quiet noise canceling forks for work or entertainment, etc. Improves sleep, concentration and hearing protection.
  • Soft foam earplugs are easy to shape and adjust. These reusable earplugs can be adjusted to fit any shape of your ears and provide an airtight seal and optimal protection against noise and water.
  • Applicable occasions. Earplugs help at home, in self-study, when traveling by car, ship and airplane, in factories, on construction sites, etc. Earplugs reduce noise levels and allow you to study, relax, work, travel and have fun with less noise to have and get more joy!
  • Conical shape. Soft elastic foam, hypoallergenic polyurethane (PU) for low pressure in the ear canal.

Sleep ear plugs, silicone ear plugs (6 pairs), sleep ear plugs …

Sleep earplugs, silicone earplugs (6 pairs), sleep earplugs with high decibel acoustic protection, snore-proof, waterproof, training and swimming.

  • ✔️ Sleep Enhancement: Soft silicone earplugs are designed for comfort so you can sleep well. Reduces harmful noise by 25 dB, helps you sleep better, ideal for light sleepers
  • ✔️ Good Leak-tightness: By pressing our soft earplugs against your ear canal to form an airtight seal, you can muffle the sounds of partners, noisy neighbors or disturb your precious sleep.
  • ✔️Health and comfort: It is important to us to offer the safest products. The earplugs do not contain any harmful chemicals. They are comfortable and gentle on your skin and the daily storage box is BPA free to keep you healthy.
  • ✔️ Economy and environmental protection: Can be reused after washing in soapy water or alcohol. If you follow the correct method of use and keep it in a storage box, each earbud can be used for up to 2 months.
  • ✔️ Perfect recommendation: The silicone slurry can be kneaded into any shape that is suitable for all ear sizes, children and adults

24 pairs of wax ear plugs Natural wax ear plugs for hearing protection, …

24 pairs of wax ear plugs Natural wax ear plugs, noise canceling and safety ear plugs for sleeping children and adults

  • 【Effective Noise Cancellation】 These wax earplugs can effectively reduce the noise level so that you can sleep, study and work better in a relatively quiet environment.
  • 【Molded and Convenient】 Molded wax ear plugs can be made in any shape for different ear sizes. Plus, wax earplugs are a bit sticky, so they’ll stay in your ear for a long time and you won’t have to worry about dropping them.
  • 【Environmentally friendly and safe】 These high quality wax ear plugs are very soft and allergy-free and suitable for children and adults. Earplugs effectively reduce air resistance and help improve the quality of sleep at rest.
  • 【Comfortable to Wear】 Each wax earplug is wrapped with a layer of natural cotton for the best results with each earplug.
  • 【Reliable】 Each delivery contains 24 pairs of cotton earbuds and a small storage box with 6 pairs of reusable earbuds. It’s easy to store and carry, so you can take it with you and use it whenever you want.

Sleep earplugs, 2 pairs of sleep earplugs (32dB) for protection …

Sleep earplugs, 2 pairs of sleep earplugs (32 dB) for hearing protection, noise suppression, anti-snoring, learning, traveling, working (black)

  • ✔ 【Designed for comfort】 Made of soft and lightweight silicone material that prevents itchy ears and discomfort, ideal for extended sleep. Ergonomic two-ply flange design that sits securely and comfortably on your ears without the pain of hard edges or heavy pressure.
  • ✔ 【32SNR Noise Canceling】 The earbuds have a signal-to-noise ratio of 32, offer amazing noise cancellation and really block a lot of ambient noise. They are therefore very effective for people who deal with snoring partners or in noisy environments. But they can’t completely rule out sounds, so you can still hear important sounds like an alarm clock, doorbell, or a crying baby.
  • ✔ 【2 pairs of ear plugs fit most ear sizes.】 2 pairs of ear plugs in different sizes and shapes: SMALL for small ear canals (mainly for small children, teenagers and small ear canals for adults) and STANDARD for medium to large ear canals (for most adults ). Ideal for snoring, sleeping, studying, flying and wherever you need rest.
  • ✔ 【Reusable and washable】 In contrast to disposable foam earplugs, these earplugs are reusable. This is very important in our environmentally conscious time and should be used at least 100 times. They can also be washed, but remove the plastic cushioning filter from the inside before submerging the cap in water.
  • ✔ 【Convenience and Portability】 The earplugs come in a beautiful, elegant aluminum case with snap hooks so you can easily attach them to your backpack, trouser buckle or bed holder. It is very convenient to store, take with you and take with you at any time. Ideal for sleeping, studying, working, traveling, relaxing, organizing noisy events, etc.

Spark plugs Moldex 780001-50P

Spark plugs Moldex 780001-50P

  • Moldex 7800 spark plugs 50 pairs of earplugs hearing protection

Aooaz Stainless Steel Ring For Men Black Onyx Silver Vintage Signet Ring Size 54 Jewelry

Aooaz Stainless Steel Ring For Men Black Onyx Silver Vintage Signet Ring Size 54 Jewelry

  • Condition: 100% Brand New. Free gift wrap is provided and is considered a gift to a loved one or family.
  • You can rely on our service and quality, and if you have any quality problems with our product, we can offer shipping and refund services.
  • It is made with an excellent stainless steel process that will not fade.
  • Modern design for everyone. Decorate your life. A nice combination that goes with every outfit.
  • All products in our shop come from the original.

Alpine MotoSafe Pro motorcycle hearing protection earplugs – motorcycle earplugs …

Alpine MotoSafe Pro motorcycle hearing protection earplugs – racing / touring earplugs to reduce wind noise – hearing traffic – hypoallergenic reusable

  • Prevent Permanent Hearing Damage: Ambient noise can reach 100 decibels at just 75 miles per hour. Chronic hearing damage can be repaired in just 7 minutes! You also get tired faster. With MotoSafe Pro you can switch between two levels of damping.
  • ENJOY the ride: The special AlpineAcousticFilter ensures that your engine is always heard. The same applies to communication and navigation systems. So riding a motorcycle is always a pleasure!
  • COMFORTABLE UNDER THE HELMET: Unique soft filters fit perfectly in a motorcycle helmet. They are great for long trips as they are not annoying. You can easily remove them too!
  • AWARD DUTCH DESIGN: Alpine is an innovator and a leader in the field of high-quality hearing protection. All noise canceling earplugs are designed and manufactured in the Netherlands. With a wide variety of noise canceling earplugs to choose from, you can do what you love without damaging your ear!
  • TESTED AND CERTIFIED: Well tested and proven sound attenuation at 17/20 dB! In accordance with European regulations. Durable silicone-free material; So no allergic reactions or irritation during the day or night.

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