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Otio – Otio NF smoke detector and EN14604-5 guarantee, comes with a battery and accessories

Otio – Otio NF smoke detector and EN14604-5 guarantee, comes with a battery and accessories

  • Photoelectric smoke detection
  • Loud siren> 85 dB
  • 1 year of autonomy
  • Low battery alarm
  • Battery fuse (included) – test button and operating indicator

Smoke detector, Sakobs Professional Fire Alarm, TÜV and DIN14604 certified, nf 10 standard …

Smoke detector, Sakobs Professional fire detector, TÜV and DIN14604 certification, 10 years standard battery life, 85 dB alarm and flame retardant ABS construction, 1 pack.

  • Fast detection technology: With the help of advanced intelligent sensor chips, dangerous smoke emissions are precisely detected in seconds. After the smoke has reached the alarm indicator, the smoke detector issues an alarm above 85 dB.
  • Full 360 degree protection: Full 360 degree fire detection, precise detection of the type of smoke, low false alarm rate. Don’t miss the opportunity to set up a pre-alarm for more protection for you and your family.
  • Applicable to Various Locations: Our products can be installed in any room of the home, as well as schools, hotels, factories, hospitals and other places where smoke alarms are required.
  • 10 year warranty on the battery: large capacity and long service life, up to 10 years of continuous use, 24 hours a day to protect you.
  • TÜV and DIN14604 certification: Our products are TÜV certified and meet the DIN14604 standards. Using ABS material (flame retardant and high temperature resistant), we offer you a 10 year guarantee and convenient customer service when using the product.

Smoke detector SEBSON 4X, screwless, photoelectric, long-life lithium battery (10 …

Smoke detector SEBSON 4X, screwless, photovoltaic, lithium battery, long service life (10 years), DIN en 14604 certification, smoke detector GS506, magnetic, self-adhesive

  • SEBSON GS506 smoke detector with long-life lithium battery (10 years) + magnetic holder.
  • Clean and quick installation of the smoke detector with magnetic mounting strips.
  • The function of the smoke detector is tested with the TEST button. When you press this button, a very loud alarm sounds!
  • The smoke detector performs a self-test every 30-40 seconds. This self-test can be recognized by the LED flashing briefly.
  • Certificates: EN 14604; Long battery life (10 years); Alarm volume:> = 85 dB (A) within a radius of 3 meters.

Smoke detector AVANTEK is EN14604 and TÜV certified, fire detector with 10 years of autonomous service life, …

AVANTEK smoke alarm, EN14604 and TÜV certified, fire alarm with 10 years battery life, fire alarm with light barrier sensor, smoke alarm for security at home

  • RELIABLE QUALITY: This battery operated smoke detector made of high quality flame retardant ABS material is TÜV certified and meets the standards CE and EN 14604; All necessary mounting parts are included in the scope of delivery to enable quick and easy installation in a few minutes. The detector is also covered by lifelong customer support
  • IMPROVED PHOTOELECTRIC SENSOR: Equipped with an advanced photoelectric sensor and intelligent chips, this smoke alarm instantly detects dangerous smoke that is caused by smoldering and rapid burning. The 360 ​​° air inlet ring provides complete detection with no dead spots
  • 10-YEAR BATTERY LIFE: The AVANTEK smoke detector has a built-in CR123A lithium battery with a service life of up to 10 years, so no replacement is required. It protects you and your family around the clock by making sure everyone is sleeping safely
  • SOUND & CLEAR SIGNALS: When dangerous fumes are detected in the air, the red LED flashes quickly and an 85dB alarm sounds throughout the house, alerting all family members, including those who are sleeping
  • ONE FUNCTION: This fire alarm has a test / mute button that allows you to check the operational status of your fire alarm at any time. If the false alarm is caused by steam or cooking smoke, simply turn the alarm off by pressing the test / mute button

Huntvp Waist Bag Waterproof Military Tactical Waist Bag with Water Bottle Pocket Men …

Huntvp Waist Bag Waterproof Tactical Military Waist Bag with Water Bottle Pocket Men Women for Hiking Camping Travel Cycling Climbing Hunting Trekking Excursion Brown

  • Size: 21 x 18 x 5 cm; Weight: 320 g. Please confirm the size according to our descriptions, not just the pictures shown, please.
  • The fanny package fits wallets, mobile phones, 550ml water bottles, cigarettes, cards, etc. Perfect for outdoor activities.
  • Sliding control system. We can customize the strap to suit your requirements.
  • The water jug ​​bag and main bag can be separated so you can use two bags, a belt bag and a water jug ​​bag.
  • Huntvp is an original product and assures all customers that all bags are of good quality. Be assured.

Eve Motion – Wireless motion sensor, IPX3 protection for waterproof and …

Eve Motion – wireless motion sensor, waterproof IPX3 and Bluetooth low-energy protection, no intermediate gateway (Apple HomeKit)

  • Effortless and easy to control: automatic scene activation and remote control of devices connected via.
  • Stay up to date: press releases as soon as motion is detected.
  • Home kit compatible with: Haunted convenience, high security.
  • Fully wireless: replaceable batteries with a long service life.
  • Easy to install: Direct Bluetooth Löw ENERGY connection without a hub or gateway.

Carbon monoxide detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, CO alarms, carbon monoxide detectors …

Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Carbon Monoxide Detector, CO Alarms Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Toxic CO Detector (Black)

  • The electrochemical gas sensor in this CO detector is extremely sensitive to detect CO leaks in your home.
  • Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning from wind – If the CO concentration is above normal, the detector will alarm and the red light will flash until the ambient gas volume falls below the alarm threshold.
  • The LED indicator will flash red and the alarm will be muted at 85dB to notify all family members when CO is detected.
  • Waiting for an alarm – the alarm time depends on the carbon monoxide concentration. 50 ppm, alarm within 60-90 minutes; 100ppm, alarm within 10-40 minutes; 300 ppm, alarm within 3 minutes.
  • Wide Application – This carbon monoxide detector is suitable for any location where carbon monoxide is likely to be present, e.g. B. kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or home.

Spy camera USB WiFi charger Hidden camera 1080P TANGMI Wireless Wall Charger Detect…

Spy Camera USB WiFi Charger Hidden Camera 1080P TANGMI Wireless Wall Charger Motion Detection Security Camcorder APP Control

  • This USB charging camera is a fully integrated hidden spy camera. At first glance, it is a completely normal charging adapter. She is very invisible. Nobody will notice that it is a hidden mini camera. This tiny camera is also a USB charger adapter for charging.
  • Hidden Wi-Fi security cameras are easy to use. Set up the network in the app. You can then control and view it from anywhere on your phone with internet access. We can record videos to your phone or micro SD card (NOT included), maximum storage. up to 128 GB.
  • High quality footage and high-tech HD camcorders record 1080P video at 30 frames and 90 degree viewing angle, support 8 surveillance cameras on one screen in Max mode, and support multiple users to view live video at the same time.
  • Motion detection function for home and office security. This secret intelligent motion detection camera will start recording when motion is detected. This is great for home or office security. Take moving pictures to send app notifications or stream videos to the micro SD card.
  • Continuous Recording & Plug & Play: The power adapter charger will automatically overwrite the oldest files when the memory is full. Starts recording when connected, phone can record and charge at the same time.

Google Nest Protect 2nd Generation Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms (Battery)

Google Nest Protect 2nd Generation Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms (Battery)

  • Detects smoke and carbon monoxide
  • Voice alerts with unique location – Nest Protect notifies your phone when something goes wrong when you’re not home. Phone alerts include: low battery, smoke, carbon monoxide, sensor failure
  • The split spectrum detector detects fires that burn quickly and slowly. Tells you what is wrong and where the problem is
  • The Silence – Nest Protect app is the first alarm clock that you can turn off from your phone with the Nest app.
  • Product lifespan 10 years – Nest Protect Long Life sensors offer up to ten years of security. Power supply: six long-life AA batteries

Intelligent indoor siren Netatmo NIS01-FR, wireless, Wi-Fi, 110 dB, …

Smart indoor siren Netatmo NIS01-FR, wireless, Wi-Fi, 110 dB, automatic activation / deactivation, no subscription, battery or wired network

  • Netatmo indoor smart camera accessories, sold separately
  • All-round protection: With an output power of 110 decibels, your Netatmo Smart indoor siren alarm is triggered as soon as the smart indoor camera detects an intruder.
  • Automatic Activation / Deactivation: The intelligent alarm system will be activated and deactivated automatically when you leave or return home.
  • Easy to install: just download the Netatmo security app and place the indoor siren near the indoor camera.
  • Play recorded sounds when you are away to make you feel at home.

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