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Thomson wireless television headphones “WHP3001BK” (on-ear, with system charging station, PLL, range …

Thomson wireless headphones “WHP3001BK” (on-ear, with system charging station, PLL, range 100 m, 863 MHz, wireless) black

  • Headphones for wireless listening with optimal reception. Built-in charging function.
  • The charging case also acts as a holder so the earbuds keep their shape when not in use.
  • Volume control and power switch with practical LED display for use in a headset.
  • High frequency stability thanks to the PLL system for optimal transmission. Automatic search for radio stations.
  • Contents: 1x WHP3001BK wireless TV headphones, 1x power supply, 1x transmitter with charging station, 2x adapter, 2x batteries and 1x operating instructions.

Wireless bluetooth headphones, Beexcellent Q7 stereo hi-fi headphones 40 hours of bluetooth playback …

Wireless bluetooth headphones, Beexcellent Q7 stereo audio hi-fi headphones 40 hours bluetooth 5.0 with built-in microphone CVC 6.0 on-ear compatibility tablet pc

  • 【Over 40 hours of wireless and wired playtime.】 Listen to songs and watch videos for up to 40 hours. The Beexcellent Bluetooth headset has a battery for a maximum of 48 hours. Wired mode: You can also use the included 3.5mm audio cable to turn it into a wired headset so that the headset is never powered.
  • 【Elegant design and long-lasting hearing comfort】 ERGONOMIC DESIGN AND MATERIALS OF SUPERIOR QUALITY Comfort is also a key factor when choosing a Bluetooth headset. We have been testing our helmets on hundreds of different heads for many years. The retractable headband and the breathable earmuffs offer all players optimal comfort.
  • ✔️ 【Bluetooth V5.0 and your hands-free calls】 Wireless earbuds can connect anywhere in your house within 10m of a stable work area. Even when you are listening to music, nothing prevents you from speaking: just press the center multifunction button on the headphones and the built-in microphone allows you to take hands-free calls from selected smartphones.
  • 【Enjoy powerful sound.】 The exclusive high-precision 50mm driver Beexcellent Bluetooth headset amplifies low frequencies for exceptional bass while maintaining the clarity of the voice, so you can get every song at any desired intensity. Let yourself enjoy your music better. The treble sound is clearer, the mids are softer and the bass is denser, especially for jazz, pop, rock’n’roll enthusiasts.
  • ⌨️ 【Strong Compatibility】 Compatible with iPhone, laptop, PC, iPad and other devices. Note. Make sure that the driver for the receiving adapter is completely up to date when you connect it to your PC or laptop. If you connect it to your TV, you will need a bluetooth transmitter (not included).

Sennheiser RS ​​120 II wireless hi-fi headphones + transmitter base

Sennheiser RS ​​120 II wireless hi-fi headphones + transmitter base

  • Enables you to listen to your television, hi-fi system or radio at home wherever you want, including in your garden, without disturbing others
  • Open air design that is easy to load and store thanks to the metal stand
  • Wireless freedom with reception through walls and ceilings up to 80 meters. Signal-to-noise ratio:> 65 dBA
  • Extra light helmet for maximum comfort over long periods of time
  • The headphones are powered by 2 rechargeable batteries and offer a battery life of up to 25 hours when listening to music.

Mpow Wireless Headphones for TV, 059 Bluetooth headphones with Bluetooth headphone holder, stereo headphones …

Mpow Wireless TV Headset, 059 Bluetooth headset with Bluetooth headphone holder, foldable wireless stereo TV headset, Plug & Play receiver for telephone PC TV receiver

  • 【WIDE COMPATIBILITY AND BEYOND】 Updated Bluetooth 5 0 The integrated Mpow Bluetooth headset with Bluetooth transmitter offers practically instant wireless communication. Can quickly connect up to 30M / 100ft to your bluetooth devices with analog audio output
  • 【IMPRESSIVE SOUND QUALITY】 The improved overhead bluetooth headset Mpow 059 with improved high definition sound with CSR chip and 40mm driver offers an impressive bass experience without disturbing your family while using the transmitter. NOTE: The updated 059 PASSIVE Bluetooth headset isolates noise, not ANC. In addition to sound quality, you can also consider other alternatives
  • 【EXTREME COMFORT】 With memory protein ear pads, this wireless headset offers you a comfortable texture with a pleasant skin-like appearance, even after hours of use. In addition, the adjustable, padded headband on the Mpow headset will help you find the most suitable one for you. NOTE Remove the earbuds every 1-2 hours to relax your ears and protect them from harsh conditions.
  • 【ELEGANT STAND AND FOLDING DESIGN】 Equipped with a very convenient headphone stand, Mpow headsets can be kept securely in place so that your desk remains organized. The stylish Mpow headsets can also be neatly folded into a carrying case for easy storage and portability
  • 【LONG LIFE BATTERY AND FREE CALLS Built-in rechargeable Mpow on-ear headphones provide 20 hours of listening time on a single charge. With the built-in microphone, you can take calls hands-free and never miss a call while watching TV. NOTE 1 The microphone function ONLY works wirelessly.

Philips SHC5200 / 10 Lightweight, comfortable rechargeable wireless hi-fi TV headphones with adjustable headband

Philips SHC5200 / 10 Lightweight, comfortable rechargeable wireless hi-fi TV headphones with adjustable headband

  • Long-lasting comfort: the inner curve is adjustable, the helmet is ultra-light (170 g) and the pads are particularly soft.
  • Simple: the headphones are fully rechargeable and you can easily choose the channel with the best reception.
  • With a 32mm driver, the wireless sound quality is perfectly refined.
  • Save money with auto power off and rechargeable batteries
  • The SHC5200 scope of delivery includes: transmitter, AC / DC adapter, tube antenna, 2 rechargeable AAA batteries

Wireless TV headphones with 2.4 GHz digital channels, TV headphones with a connection …

Wireless TV headphones with 2.4 GHz digital channels, TV headphones with optical connector and rechargeable base

  • Amazing sound: Enjoy crystal clear sound. Efficient chip design with low power consumption and digital signal deliver high quality sound with deep bass.
  • 2.4 GHz technology: Exceptional wireless range of up to 50 meters. The extended reception range allows headphones to be used when the transmitter is not visible. Decoding restores the original real sounds.
  • Modern and practical design: padded helmet and transmitter that serves as a charging station.
  • Rechargeable batteries. The supplied lithium-ion batteries last about 18 hours when fully charged and are automatically charged when you place the headset in the base station.
  • No delay: With the 2.4 GHz wireless technology, you can watch your favorite sports or television programs or play games with our headphones. Compatible with any device with optical audio output, AUX 3.5 mm or RCA.

Mpow H7 wireless bluetooth headphones, CVC 6.0 built-in microphone headphones, comfortable …

Mpow H7 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, CVC 6.0 Built-in Microphone Headphones, Comfortable Headphones, HiF Stereo Portable Stereo Headphones, Bluetooth Headphones for Online Courses / Phone / Tablets / PC

  • ♫ SOFT PROTEIN FOAM HEADPHONES The wireless headphones Mpow H7 have earphones made of soft protein foam with memory effect and an adjustable headband for maximum comfort during prolonged use. NOTE. Take off the earbuds for 1-2 hours each time to relax your ears.
  • ☊ MULTI-USE MODES You can use this wireless headset for 18 hours at maximum volume and 25 hours at medium volume, and play 400 songs in bluetooth mode when fully charged. When the battery is almost empty, connect the supplied audio cable to listen to music continuously. Can be used for home studio recordings.
  • ✓ AMAZING SOUND EFFECTS The Mpow H7 bluetooth headset uses a 40mm driver and a tuned CSR chip that delivers rich and powerful sound for a fluid and dynamic listening experience. The CVC6 0 technology can also properly reduce the noise level.
  • ✆CVC6 0 AND MANUAL BEAN CALLS This Bluetooth wireless headset has the CVC6 0 noise canceling function, which can effectively filter circuit noise and microphone echo to ensure clear calls. The built-in microphone can free your hands calls Press the button to answer / hang up. NOTE Microphones for hands-free calls and controls can only be used in wireless mode
  • ♕WIDE ACCOUNTABILITY Compatible with mobile smartphones, TVs, etc. (If you want to connect your headset to a desktop or laptop computer, make sure the driver software for the PC’s Bluetooth receiving adapter is fully updated. You will need a Bluetooth Transmitter (not included)) when connecting to the TV

DOQAUS wireless bluetooth headphones, [Jusqu 52 Heures] 3 EQ modes, hi-fi stereo headphones, …

DOQAUS wireless bluetooth headphones, [Jusqu 52 Heures] 3 EQ modes, HiFi stereo headphones, soft protein headphones, built-in microphone & Cable mode for PC / phone / iPad (gray)

  • [Mode EQ design unique & puce RSE de haute qualité]: In the DOQAUS headphone equalizer mode you can switch to three sound effects: 1. Sound balance (powerful bass, clear vocals and pitch balance); 2. High performance bass (powerful bass); 3. High definition (clear voice). It is equipped with a high quality CSR chip and two dynamic 40mm drivers, offers a more stable transfer speed, lower latency and better audio output.
  • [jusqu’à 52 heures & un mode cablé]: Listen to music or chat with friends for 52 hours on a single charge. With a 3.5 mm audio cable, the wireless DOQAUS headset can be used as a wired headset. Never worry about the battery running out. (Note: the headset button does not work in wired mode. You will need to adjust the volume and mute the songs from your phone.)
  • [Confort Extrême]: DOQAUS This wireless headset with protein memory ear cushions offers a comfortable skin structure that does not fade even after hours of use. With the soft and adjustable DOQAUS headband, you can also choose the one that best suits you. NOTE. Take off your headset every 1-2 hours to relax your ears and protect them from harsh environmental conditions.
  • [Mic Intégré & Appel Mains Libres]: The built-in microphone and volume control make it easy to take calls and voice chat or chat while listening to music. Never be afraid of missing a call. The wireless earbuds can be connected over a stable 10m working range, so you can spend time anywhere in your home.
  • [Ce que vous avez]: 1 DOQAUS Bluetooth headset, 1 AUX cable, 1 charging cable, 1 storage bag, 1 operating manual. Full refund within 30 days, quality guarantee 18 months. Good customer service, all your questions will be answered within 24 hours.

2.4 GHz wireless TV headphones Transferring frequencies through your digital ear to a radio station …

2.4 GHz wireless TV headphones Digital ear transmission frequency with charging station, 30 m range and 20 hours of battery capacity

  • Innovative 2.4 GHz HF technology: 2.4 GHz HF means more penetration and greater signal range as well as more stable transmission and less distortion. So you can listen to music without interruption during a leisurely walk at home. The range is three times longer than with conventional Bluetooth headphones! Fully insulated rooms neutralize the sound distribution and ensure a calming feeling for the whole family.
  • ️️️⌨️⌨️ Extreme Compatibility: Compatible with Tablets / iPads / Laptops / Cell Phones / Radios / CDs and MP3 Players / TVs and Computers. The package contains a 3.5mm RCA and audio cable for immediate use with all types of audio devices (if your TV has a fiber optic audio output, contact us and we will provide you with a fiber optic audio converter 🙂
  • Extreme battery life: Provides up to 18 hours of battery life when fully charged for long sessions. An artist’s TV headset is significantly better than Bluetooth headsets, which support a maximum of 7 to 8 hours of use. You don’t have to charge your headset every day!
  • Crystal clear sound quality: uncompromising quality. Enjoy hi-fi. Artist TV headphones deliver crystal clear sound with a frequency response of 25 Hz – 20 kHz. The digital signal delivers lively lows and highs without distortion
  • ✔️✔️ GUARANTEE: We have a 5 year guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our product, we will give you a refund or a replacement without resending. Please contact us if you have any questions [email protected]

Cowin E7 bluetooth headphones with active noise cancellation, adjustable wireless stereo audio headphones with …

Cowin E7 Bluetooth headphones with active noise cancellation Wireless adjustable stereo audio headphones with integrated microphone 30 hours of battery life Stable connection with NFC function – Black

  • 【Active Noise Cancellation Technology】 Significantly reduce noise reduction when traveling, at work and elsewhere. The advanced Active Noise Canceling technology reduces noise in the cabin, in city traffic or in the busy office and allows you to focus on what you want to hear, enjoy your music, movies and videos. The noise canceling feature can work well in both wired and wireless modes.
  • 【High sound quality】 Exclusive 40mm PC driver The Cowin noise canceling headphones deliver clear, powerful and quiet sound so you can enjoy your music better. Our constant goal is to provide customers with the best possible sound quality.
  • 【Built-in microphone and NFC technology】 Cowin E7 offers a high quality built-in microphone for hands-free calls, with which cables can be easily removed. The NFC coupling by voice promises a stable and fast connection with your Bluetooth devices as well as a powerful Bluetooth function.
  • 【Convenient and adjustable】 Professional quality and 90 ° rotation. More durability and comfort, high comfort and a long listening experience. Light and comfortable, suitable for all day. Gentle Reminder: Take off your headset every 2-3 hours to relax your ears, hear better, and keep your head comfortable.
  • 【30 hours of playtime】 The built-in 600 mAh battery does not switch off your headset. You can enjoy the world without any noise for 30 hours. You don’t have to worry about the problem of power failure on a long trip. Warranty 18 months. A dedicated customer service team offers you fast and friendly customer service that always depends on you and will definitely keep you satisfied.

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