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The Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit is an 8-piece electronic mesh skin drum kit with an aluminum stand …

Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit – electronic drum kit with 8 mesh skin elements with reinforced aluminum stand, 385 sounds, 60 background songs, sticks and drum keys

  • Innovative & high performance mesh skins | Mesh leather drums deliver the realistic, responsive, and impressive performance that drummers demand. Mac: OS X 10.9 or higher and PC: Windows 7 or higher
  • Eight-piece premium configuration, 8-inch mesh drum with two zones, three tom pads and three 10-inch cymbals: Ride, Charleston, Crash with Mute
  • Sound Collection – Nitro Drum Module with 40 ready-made kits, 60 backing tracks and over 350 selected sounds
  • The perfect musical instrument for beginners – 60 accompaniments, sequencer, metronome, AUX input and recorder to enhance your drumming
  • All you need is a four-legged aluminum stand, jumper cables, sticks, a drum and a power supply

The Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit is a 7-piece electronic mesh skin drum kit with a steel stand …

Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit – 7-piece electronic mesh skin drum kit with reinforced steel stand, 100 sounds, 30 songs to play with, connecting cables, sticks and a drum key

  • Innovative and super efficient retinas | Mesh leather drums provide the realistic, responsive, and impressive performance drummers need
  • Seven-part premium configuration | Eight-inch mesh snare drum, eight-inch toms, three 10-inch cymbals, and Alesis-designed hi-hat and bass pedals
  • Turbo drum module with 10 ready-made kits, 30 backing songs and over 100 sounds selected by our experts
  • Ideal Musical Instrument For Beginners – 30 Self-Accompanied Songs, Metronome, Auxiliary Input and Learning Mode to Improve Your Drumming
  • Everything you need | Robust steel stand, connection cable, sticks, drum key and mains power included

Alesis 7 Compact Kit – portable electronic drum kit with 7 touchpads, 265 sounds …

Alesis 7 Compact Kit – portable electronic drum kit with 7 touchpads, 265 percussion sounds, USB-MIDI output, battery or AC power supply and drum sticks

  • All-in-one desktop electronic drum kit – seven speed-sensitive dual-pedal drum pads (hi-hat and kick drum), including sticks and built-in speakers
  • Ideal musical instrument for children, teenagers, adults, hobbyists, beginners and advanced, drummers or just for fun
  • Compact Kit 7 contains only the best sounds – 45 drum programs, five customizable kits, 265 percussion sounds and 100 backing songs.
  • Perfect DAW integration – USB MIDI output for use with all DAW DAWs and plug-ins on MAC and PC
  • Electronic drum with you everywhere – with AC power or 6 C rechargeable batteries that you can take with you wherever you go

Asmuse electronic drum kit, roll up portable electronic drum kit, silicone drum kit, 9 pads …

Asmuse Electronic Drum Kit, portable electronic roll-up drum, silicone drum kit, 9 sensitive drum pads with 7A sticks / pedals / battery / adapter

  • An electronic drum pad with built-in dual stereo speakers delivers amazing bass and authentic drumming.
  • 9 speed-dependent pads for different sounds: Cymbal Crash, High Tom, Low-Mid Tom, Ride Cymbal, Low Floor Tom, Bass Drum, Snare, Open / Close Hi-Hat
  • 7 realistic drum sounds with 9 accompaniments and 12 demo songs
  • Roll up design available / audio input available / 3.5mm headphone jack / recording
  • 7 gift accessories: 2 drum sticks, 1x aux-in cable, 1x EU adapter, 1x USB cable, 1x rechargeable 1000 mA lithium battery, 1x user manual

Electronic drum kit XDrum DD-520 PLUS

Electronic drum kit XDrum DD-520 PLUS

  • Electronic drum kit with drum stand, 5 x 8-inch stereo drum pads, 3 x 12-inch cymbal pads, 10-inch hi-hat pad, 8-inch kick pad, 1 Pedal pad, 1 hi-hat controller
  • Battery module with blue background lighting, max. Polyphony: 64, 41 drum kits (26 presets, 15 users), 458 drum sounds (drum, percussion, SFX), effects: ambience, 3-band equalizer
  • 20 demo songs, metronome (30-300 beats per minute), real-time recording
  • 1x multi-pin input, 1x 3.5 mm headphone output, 1x 6.3 mm stereo socket, main output, MIDI input / output, USB connection
  • 3.5 mm socket, AUX IN, power supply: 9 V mains, tuner and 1 pair of hammers, color: black, mounting surface: approx. 120 x 75 cm, weight: approx. 24 kg

ammoon E-Drum-Kit Drum-Kit Portable E-Drum-Kit …

Ammoon Electronic Drum Kit Portable Electronic Roll Up Drum Kit Touch Digital Roll Up Exercise

  • 【9-in-1 table drum pad】 With 9 silicone pads, including 3 TOMS, 1 SNARE, 1 kick, 1 CRASH, 1 RIDE, 1 open HI-HAT, 1 closed HI-Hat cymbal with sounds similar to – electric battery; and 2 pedals reproduce the sound of a kick drum and a closed hi-hat.
  • 【3.5mm headphone jack】 With a 3.5mm headphone jack for connecting an external speaker to enjoy loud and punchy bass, or for connecting headphones for private practice and a quiet night; 3.5mm MP3 input socket for connecting MP3 / smartphone / tablet (not included) for music playback, ideal for single playback
  • 【Dual power modes】 2 * Power supply via AAA batteries (not included) or power supply via computer / laptop / 5 V power supply via the supplied USB cable, suitable for indoor and outdoor games
  • 【Easy and fun to play.】 Each pad has a photo of a real drum or cymbal for easy identification. 5 built-in drum sounds, 8 demo songs and 3 rhythms for easy practice, a great tool to teach music to your young children. Have fun drumming
  • 【Compact and portable design】 The digital system replaces the traditional fully charged battery. The extremely compact design is very easy to transport and store. The best birthday or Christmas present for children, teenagers, friends

Discounted Compact Electronic Drum Kit Digital Drums 400

Discounted Compact Electronic Drum Kit Digital Drums 400

  • Complete digital battery with accessories
  • Compact and foldable for a very small space requirement
  • Specially developed for beginners and advanced users.
  • Headphones are included so you can play without disturbing others
  • Let the drummer in you speak!

BONROB Electronic Drums Drum Set, Roll Up Percussion Midi Drum Kit with headphones and speakers …

Electronic drums BONROB, drums, roll up percussion midi drums with headphones and built-in speakers, pedals and drum sticks, up to 10 sheets. Playtime, Christmas present

  • ♪ Finished Musical Instrument: The electronic drum kit consists of 7 pads and 2 pedals, so you can enjoy a live show with friends or children at home.
  • ♪ Remarkable rhythm quality: This electronic drum kit has good sound quality. When we play this instrument at home, it’s like being on a concert stage.
  • ♪ Headphone Jack: With the headphones on, you can play these electronic drums anytime, in any situation. Don’t worry about disturbing your neighbors.
  • ♪ Built-in speakers: The built-in dual speakers offer excellent quality and a wonderful bass effect without the need to connect the drum kit to other speakers
  • ♪ Games: With the standard MIDI OUT socket (5-pin socket) and the USB MIDI OUT socket, you can connect the drum kit to your computer to play music or play games.

Electronic drum, portable electronic drum, silicone drum, 9 pads …

Electronic drum, portable electronic roll-up drum, silicone drum, 9 sensitive drum pads with 7A drumstick pedals – Uverbon

  • Electronic drums “9 in 1”. This portable electronic drum kit is very similar to. 9 pads and 2 pedals, sensitive, including floor drum, bass drum, treble drum, bass drum, snare drum, 2 drum cymbals, cymbals, hi-hat open and close, sound similar to the sound of a real drum kit. Two included pedals ensure a more realistic drum sound.
  • Headphone jack: wear headphones when playing. Not only do they make your workout quieter, but the electronic drums also make your workout more effective, perfect for private practice or late at night without disturbing people or neighbors nearby. With MP3 input socket For connecting an MP3 / smartphone / tablet (not included) for music playback.
  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE DESIGN: The silicone electronic drum kit is easy to carry and store, suitable for kids, beginners and other amateur players.
  • Remarkable Rhythmic Sound Quality: This electronic drum has good sound quality when you play this instrument at home, just like at a concert.
  • Extensive functions: The set contains 5 sound modes: Pop, Rock, Latin, Electronic, Percussion. You can choose the mode you want, internal demo and metronome function to achieve best practices.

ammoon Digital Electronic Roll Up Drum Compact portable handheld kits 7 silicone drum pads …

ammoon Digital Electronic Roll Up Drum Compact Portable Set of Portable Kits 7 silicone drum pads USB powered with drum stick pedals 3.5mm audio cable for beginner kids

  • Compact and portable electronic drum kit, very easy to transport and store. With 7 silicone drum pads, including Tom (3) / Snare / Hi-Hat / Crash / Ride, they create great sounds and simulate the real beat effect.
  • The SNARE and HI-HAT positions can be changed depending on the player’s habits by pressing the SPECIAL button. Built-in 5 drum tones, 8 demo songs and 3 rhythm types for easy practice.
  • Supports USB port or 2 * AAA batteries (batteries not included) with 3.5mm headphone output for connecting an external headphone or speaker.
  • With MP3 input for connecting MP3 / smartphone / tablet to accompanying music. Comes with a pair of hammers, 2 sustain pedals, a USB cable and a 3.5 mm audio cable.
  • Ideal for learning to play the drums and for kids or beginners, for fun with family and meeting friends.

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