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Metronic 415044 Trinappe 26dB UHF external antenna – F connector + integrated 4G filter

Metronic 415044 Trinappe 26dB UHF external antenna – F connector + integrated 4G filter

  • Bandwidth adapted to the new UHF bandwidth
  • Special 4G
  • Supplied 4G filter: Blocks interference from 4G (LTE) cell phone signals
  • Aluminum antenna: light
  • Pre-assembled: quick assembly

A reinforced full HDTV outdoor antenna for everyone – excellent performance for DVB-T TNT …

One for all Full HDTV-reinforced outdoor antenna – Excellent performance for digital and analog TV signals DVB-T DTT – Range 50 km – Easy installation with 10 m coaxial cable – SV9455

  • FULL HD TELEVISION: This antenna was developed for the perfect reception of Full HD TV signals. Coaxial cable (meter / foot): 10/32
  • TNT CHANNELS: More than 27 digital TV channels and up to 24 HD channels available.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: All required materials (cables, connectors and fastening systems) are provided for quick installation in just 3 steps.
  • RECEPTION FROM 0 TO 50 KM: For maximum performance, we recommend using this antenna within 50 km of the nearest transmitter.
  • Rotary

[Amélioré 2019] TNT outdoor antenna for outdoor use, one for receiving DVB-T / T2, VHF / UHF / FM …

[Amélioré 2019] TNT indoor antenna for outdoor use, one for DVB-T / T2 reception, analogue VHF / UHF / FM TV signals, 4G LTE filter, anti-UV coating

  • 4G LTE Filter – This outdoor antenna blocks all 3- and 4G signals from cell phones, tablets and wireless networks as well as wireless transmitters to ensure interference-free digital reception.
  • Suitable for DTT and analog TV signals – simply connect to your DTT decoder with a coaxial cable. If you’re using an old TV, connect the antenna to your TNT decoder.
  • Easy Installation – Compared to most traditional antennas, this antenna is much prettier and easier to install. No tools or installation required. You can install this outdoor antenna as you wish.
  • Workmanship – Compact design and high quality materials make this antenna resistant to weather influences. Thanks to the anti-UV coating, waterproof design and external sensor, this antenna can be used both horizontally and vertically.
  • Maximum distance from the antenna to the nearest TNT television tower: 60 km. Also included is a 6m waterproof coaxial cable for convenient antenna placement.

Outdoor antenna TNT outdoor / indoor television antenna reception 160 km, coaxial cable 10 m, …

TNT outdoor antenna Outdoor / indoor TV antenna 160 km reception, 10 m coaxial cable, anti-UV coating, waterproof and compact design

  • [Nouvelles fonctionnalités] Innovative design, remote reception – 160 km, multi-directional signal reception, adjustment at different angles.
  • [Installation facile] Can be installed indoors, on external walls, balconies, roofs (preferably an antenna on the roof of the house).
  • [Bonne protection] Rain, typhoon, sun protection, lightning protection.
  • [Réception à gain élevé] Reception of a digital TV signal with high gain (30 dB) and low bit error rate.
  • [LONG CÂBLE COAXIAL 10 METRES ET ADAPTATEUR ÉLECTRIQUE USB]: Makes it easier to install a reinforced antenna in your home for the best reception, especially for TVs far enough from windows. The USB adapter supplies the antenna with power if your TV does not have a USB output.

Powerful omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna TNT with 360 ° gain and 4G LTE filter for …

Omnidirectional, powerful outdoor DTT TV antenna with 360 ° connection and 4G LTE filter for HD / DVB-T / VHF / UHF, digital and analog, complete kit

  • DESIGN OF THE 21ST CENTURY With the SLx DigiDome you no longer need bulky external antennas. Our innovative technology provides comprehensive reception in a compact, modern design that is easy to install and won’t clutter your roof or loft. Attic
  • 360 ° RECEPTION The unique omnidirectional technology receives all locally available digital TV signals so that you can watch all your favorite channels. This TV antenna can receive VHF and UHF frequencies and is ideal for receiving all locally available digital signals including HD channels.
  • Built-in 4G filter Built-in 4G LTE filter eliminates interference and channel loss on your TV caused by 4G cell phone signals.
  • FULL KIT INCLUDED Inside the box you’ll find everything you need to quickly install and tune your new antenna, including a 10m coaxial cable, clamps, wall bracket and brackets. Installation is simple and straightforward, and our user-friendly user guide is also included
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE SLx is a UK manufacturer known for producing high quality electrical accessories and signal distribution products. Our products are designed in the UK and have friendly full time staff when needed. Help

TNT outdoor antenna with 32 dB gain Unidirectional digital receiving antenna Range 120 km …

Outdoor 32dB gain DTT antenna, 1 bayon, 120 km, omnidirectional, 360 °, set-top box, antenna, 4G LTE channel receiver / filter, waterproof and ultra-compact, white UFO style

  • Omnidirectional reception – receives signals from all directions. The quality is far superior to the Yagi antennas.
  • Longer cables, easy installation – our 8m cable allows you to place your antenna in a location with the best reception. This type of antenna is useful for customers who do not have a TV near windows.
  • New design concept – compact size reduces gusts of wind and offers better grip on windy or very windy days. UV protection and a waterproof / “snowproof” coating filter out minimal interference.
  • The included 4G LTE filter blocks all 3G and 4G signals on cell phones, tablets, wireless networks and cell phones for an optimal digital TV signal.
  • Buyer Guarantee – Your satisfaction is our priority. We offer a 24-month guarantee on this product. Please note that the signal quality depends on your geographic location. We also offer a 30-day money-back period on all orders so that you can test our antennas in your area.

Bqeel digital rod antenna, 30 dB radiation gain, powerful DVB-T / DTMB TV antenna, …

Bqeel digital rod antenna, 30 dB radiation amplification, powerful DVB-T / DTMB TV antenna, powerful portable TNT antenna with stable magnetic base and 4 m cable

  • 【Enjoy Free HD Channels】: With this powerful digital rod antenna, you don’t have to pay any monthly fee or subscription to watch digital TV. You can watch hundreds of free HD channels like news, weather, comedy, kids shows and sports broadcasts.
  • 【Suitable for many places】: This TNT antenna can be used not only at home, but also in a mobile home, on a yacht, etc. With the magnetic base, it is more convenient to place the antenna in a better position for good signal reception.
  • 【Powerful Reception】: The reception of this TV antenna has been improved to receive signals with a maximum length of 120 miles. Note. If the antenna does not receive a signal, change the position of the antenna. We recommend placing the antenna near a window.
  • 【Easy to Install】: Installation of the tnt antenna only takes 3 steps. First set up the digital rod antenna in a suitable location. Then connect the antenna to your HDTV or set-top box. Finally, you can find TV channels and enjoy hundreds of programs.
  • 【Service】: If you have any questions about how to use the product, or if the product does not work as expected, please feel free to contact us directly via email. We will contact you soon.

Outdoor TV antenna TNT SLx 27985K4 antenna set, 64 elements with built-in 4G filter

Outdoor TV antenna TNT SLx 27985K4 antenna set, 64 elements with built-in 4G filter

  • Manufacturer warranty: 1 year (s)
  • Compatible devices: 64 elements, digital UHF broadband antenna with integrated 4G filter. With the frequencies used for broadcast television and cellular communications, the likelihood of unwanted interference on your television increases significantly. This noise occurs on your televisions when the picture and sound are interrupted. The disruption is caused by new high-speed 4G mobile broadband signals (used in new 4G phones and transmitters) to increase the speed and bandwidth of mobile communications. These new 4G signals are broadcast very close to the existing TV antenna signals (they are effectively broadcast in the frequency space that could be used for TV channels before being digitized). This means that all existing TV antennas, splitters, amplifiers and mast amplifiers are designed to receive, distribute and amplify the exact signals that are causing this interference.

Tristar Philex triple compact antenna

Tristar Philex triple compact antenna

  • Mounting kit for installation in the attic or outdoors. Installation instructions included. Wall / front support with screws and dowels.
  • Molded antenna. With the tilting mast support antenna, H or V can be set
  • F connector and absorber for dipole connection. RG6 coaxial cable 10 m long and coaxial plug for connection to a television set or a decoder.
  • This kit is an impressive, compact, high gain antenna that can receive all digital TV signals in the UHF range while reducing interference from 4G cell towers.
  • This compact UHF antenna kit is ideal for guests who live in an apartment or for people with limited space.

[2020 Version] Indoor antenna, white elliptical indoor antenna 180 km – range …

[2020 Version] Indoor TV antenna, white elliptical indoor antenna Intelligent signal amplifier with a range of 180 km, suitable for free 1080P 4K TV channels, 5 m coaxial cable (white)

  • 【Free channels】 Eliminate cable clutter. Enjoy hundreds of free HD TV shows forever including SKY, BBC, ITV, DW, N24, WDR, France, RAI, RTVE and many TS-ANT TV aerial amplifiers that come with TV boxes and hundreds of digital televisions are compatible. You wouldn’t get a channel subscription or a monthly subscription!
  • 【Strong signal reception】 The range is 180 km, you can receive more channels, and our TV antenna improves signal reception even if your home is far from the TV tower. The variable amplifier makes different settings depending on the area. Switch on the yellow light under 60 km! If more than 60 km, turn on the green light!
  • 【5 meter cable】 With an extra long high-performance coaxial cable, our TV amplifier offers the strongest signal reception and can be set up almost anywhere in your home. Enjoy free channels. Without a USB socket, the USB adapter helps the HDTV antenna to receive power.
  • 【Fashionable design】 Elegant double-sided surface (black and white) perfectly matches any color in your home. Ultra-thin, soft and light. It’s easy to put on a table, wall, or window with glue, etc. It can be hidden anywhere you want to put it.
  • 【100 after sales service % Satisfactory】 We offer 90 days full refund and 12 months warranty. If you have any questions, please contact us for a replacement or your money back.

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